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Ultimate March Social Media Round-up for Small Businesses

Understanding the latest trends happening on social media is necessary for any business. It helps gauge your social media marketing approach and determine if your strategy considers any of last month’s developments.

Hey readers, welcome back to our Monthly Social Media Trends Roundup series. At the end of each month, we’ll be looking back at that month’s social media trends and developments. For those of you who missed February's roundup, click here.

This month marks the one-year anniversary whereby countries were forced to go into lockdown in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. While many of us are still stuck at home, social media has been buzzing with new developments each month.

Take a look at our March rundown and see if your business is keeping up with what’s been going on in social media. Remember, in the race for engagement, your business cannot afford to fall behind.


For this month of March, Facebook’s Messenger has added some new and exciting features for its users. Among some of the updates is a new feature that lets users share their contact information with a business. This new “one-click” feature creates an alert to notify customers when a business has responded to them.

Facebook has also announced an update to its Facebook ads services. This month, the platform announced that ads can now appear within shorter videos. In-stream ads can now be placed on videos as short as 1 minute long. Now Facebook will shorten the minimum video length requirement by a whole minute. Additionally, ads will also appear quicker in the video than before. Ads will also display sooner in videos, reduced from 1 minute to just 30 seconds. Facebook and Instagram are continuing to expand their short-term monetization model across their platforms. Their goal is to allow creators more ways to monetize their content. For brands and advertisers, this is an excellent opportunity for ad placement and branded content.


Membership platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans have been growing rapidly in 2021. These membership platforms allow content creators to be paid directly via subscription service from their fans. Twitter certainly has taken an interest in this growing trend. This month, it announced a new ‘Super Follows’ feature that allows users to charge their followers for access to additional content, including but not limited to special tweets, newsletter subscriptions, deals, offers, etc.

Next month, Twitter will be launching a live audio chat room feature to its platform called “Introducing Spaces.” Like Clubhouse, the platform promises that users will be able to “Tweet and Talk” on the go. Currently, this feature is available in beta for select users. However, Twitter plans to launch the feature in April to all users.


Shopify is expanding its services to Facebook and Instagram. In a few short clicks, users will be able to purchase items directly from Facebook and Instagram by using secure Shopify’s payment system. The success of this venture will ultimately further Facebook’s goals of advancing into the eCommerce space.

Instagram is also continuing to experiment with new in-app features such as allowing brands and influencers to link to profiles and include hashtags in their bios.


LinkedIn has launched a ‘Better LinkedIn Campaign Planning’ guide. This campaign planning template provides marketers and businesses with the ultimate tips to better target audiences and build effective ad campaigns. With this latest update, LinkedIn has proven once again why it is the number one professional platform for all businesses and marketers.

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