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5 Must-Listen Podcasts To Amplify Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy and Growth

Everyone has a morning ritual. For some, it’s making a cup of coffee; for others, it might be a 6 am run. I’ll let you into a little secret of ours. At YLW digital, we believe it’s essential to start the day by listening to a podcast.

We find this practice to help our agency stay up to date with the latest trends and insights on content marketing strategy, business growth tips, SEO hacks, ROI, and much more.

Today we propose for you a carefully curated list of the top marketing blogs we recommend to up your business's social media strategy and gain relevant business insights.

1. Perpetual Traffic

Coming up on almost 300 episodes, Perpetual Traffic is one of our top podcast choices for businesses wanting to improve their ROI and leverage business growth. Hosted by Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell, the lively pair offers brands and businesses tools to assess how they use their strategy to maximize social media and website growth.

Typical episodes you can find on the podcast include:

  • How to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

  • The Easiest Way to Market Your Business

  • 7 Essential Traffic Trips From IBM’s Global SEO Strategist

  • 7 Steps to Win on Social Media in Highly Competitive Markets

2. Social Media Marketing Podcast

This weekly podcast is strictly dedicated to all things social media! Social Media Marketing Podcast offers a deep dive analysis of all aspects of social media marketing, and no platform is left off of their list. The podcast regularly brings on knowledgeable guests from all social media marketing domains. Listeners can genuinely feel each guest speaker's passion as they take you through firsthand success stories, setbacks, and their most daring social media experiments.

Typical episodes you can find on the podcast include:

  • Influencer Marketing Strategy: How to Grow Your Influence

  • Using Facebook Ads to Move Leads Into Sales

  • Organic LinkedIn Marketing

3. The Social Bamboo Podcast

Curious about how to develop a hashtag strategy? Let the Social Bamboo guide you. Podcast creator Derrick equips his reader with actionable knowledge and tips to help business owners expand their business. His straightforward approach is unique and one we rarely see nowadays since conversational podcasts have dominated the podcast spheres lately. Listeners will certainly need their pen and paper on hand. Derrick presents readers with essential candid advice on sales, social media marketing and tools, and engagement strategies from the moment he speaks. The podcast aims to post content regularly, around 3-4x a month.

We love his approach, and he has quickly become one of our top favorites.

Typical episodes you can find on the podcast include:

  • The Best Instagram Hashtag Strategy

  • The Key To Getting Your Followers Onto Other Platforms

  • 3 Things You’re Doing That Are Slowly Killing Your Engagement

4. Marketing O’Clock

If you need insights on SEO, SEM, and PPC, look no further than Marketing O'Clock. The four bubbly friends offer the ideal digital marketing podcast for businesses who want to enhance their digital marketing campaigns. They offer insights, updates, and emerging trends, and the company aims to turn their insights into actionable strategies to help business owners achieve their overall KPIs.

Typical episodes you can find on the podcast include:

  • Actionable New Metrics For Facebook Ads

  • Deep Dive: Pay for Conversions in Google Ads

5. Content and Conversations: SEO Tips

This podcast proudly boasts its success in helping clients increase their traffic by 250k. C&C takes on a short-form format, with most episodes consisting of 13- 30 minutes. This is great for anyone who wants easily accessible tips without having to sit through unrelated banter. The podcast provides businesses with excellent SEO and content tips to help even the most novice business apprehend how to get their content to rank and become shared online and on social media platforms. With their short and straight-to-the-point content, it’s easy to incorporate podcasts like C&C into your daily or weekly listening habits.

Typical episodes you can find on the podcast include:

  • SEO + Content Roadmap for Low Authority Sites

  • Recapping the Best Time and Day to Send Emails

YLW digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in amplifying your brand through innovative marketing strategy and content. If you are a small business looking to leverage your social media and business growth, email us at

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