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5 Black-Owned Brands With Killer Social Media

In the U.S and Canada, Black History Month is celebrated throughout all of February. This practice began as a way to reflect on the history of Black individuals from the African diaspora. It aims to celebrate the achievements of black people and honor their contributions to American society as well as around the world.

Unfortunately, due to centuries of racism, black achievements haven't received the same amount of praise and attention as other race's achievements. Black individuals are notable for creating many inventions that are still used today. These inventions include the traffic light, the home security system, IBM computers, and even peanut butter.

We want to cast the spotlight on 5 black-owned brands with an enviable digital marketing presence. Keep these brands in mind when searching for inspiration for your or your client's social media.

These brands were chosen because they have added a positive and unique contribution to today’s society, whether it be in fashion, skin-care, art, etc. We feel that these brands go above and beyond to address society’s problems and create meaningful solutions.

Let’s take a look at the five brands that we found.

1. Grass-fields

Grass-fields is a clothing brand founded by twin sisters Christelle and Michelle Nganhou. Influenced by Cameroon culture, Grass-fields was created with a simple aim to put the love back into African print clothing again. The brand offers high-quality and ethically made fashion that is sourced and made in the UK and Cameroon. Grass-fields clothing comes in an array of sizes for all age groups and genders.

What we love: Grass-fields runs a TikTok account with 61,3K followers. They post fierce videos of their clothing with catchy music. It's a great benchmark for fashion brands to understand what type of sounds/video styles work.

2. Black Girl Sunscreen

We love at YLW digital love a Melanated Queen. We chose this brand because it spreads awareness to an issue rarely highlighted in black communities: skin cancer. Although less likely than white individuals, those with brown and black skin can get skin cancer.

Statistics from Consumer Reports state that 61 percent of blacks admitted to never administering sunscreen. Experts at Black Girl Sunscreen aim to unearth the reason why black women weren’t wearing sunscreen, address the misconception, and market them a solution to handle their skincare needs. Thanks to their tireless efforts, a growing number of black women are protecting themselves from harmful UV rays and skin cancer.

What we love: Their Instagram account is inclusive in the sense that it features people of various ages, weights, genders etc.

3. Femi Secrets

It's 2021 and we are done with period stigma. Femi Secrets is a brand that is combatting "the period taboo" and opening up dialogue surrounding females’ cycles. The brand offers natural chemical-free, eco-friendly feminine hygienic products. Their prices are low, at 4-9 dollars a subscription plan. Their low prices are apart of their aim to provide underprivileged students with access to premium sanitary items.

What we love: All of their social channels have a clear purpose: to remove the stigma around periods. Their Instagram features empowering messages and other pieces of fun content.

4. Kazmaleje

It’s no secret that when it comes to hair and beauty care, black individuals are often overlooked. Of the thousands of brands marketed for hair care, only a select few are suitable for black hair.

Kazmaleje is a hair company designed for women and men with textured 4a,b, and c hair. Their set of combs mimic the technique of finger detailing which is used in the black community to undo hair knots and prevent hair breakage.

What we love: Kazmalaje is on it when it comes to blog posts. Their blog is a must-know for anyone with the 4a,b or c hairtype.

5. Brother Vellies

Founded in 2013, Brother Vellies sells luxury accessories, Handcrafted shoes, and handbags from South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya & Morocco. The brand’s goal is to celebrate the cultural history and keep traditional African design practices and techniques alive. Furthermore, Brother Vellies aims to create and sustain artisanal jobs.

What we love: While their Instagram houses great editorial content, we want to highlight their Pinterest account. Their linked Pinterest account is that of their creative director, which is a great way to step into the mind of the company's creative side.

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